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Handmade Wooden Thread Rack

Last year, I have been paying regular visits to an open wood workshop in my city. The concept is pretty cool: You can come by on certain days of the week and – for a small fee – use the work benches, woodworking machinery and tools there. There’s also some experts around, in case any advice is needed. There are a few of these workshops all over town and I […]

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Sewing Room Tour |

Room Tour:
My Old Sewing Room

Back when I started this blog (which feels like forever ago), I started a rather half-assed series on sewing room planning that I never gave any updates to. There’s a variety of reasons for that (the room was super small, the lighting wasn’t ideal for photos, I just forgot), but the main reason is that my sewing room was a constant work in progress. It didn’t feel complete until a […]

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Sewing Room Tour |

Woodworking Project:
Honeycomb Shelves

One of the things I love about my family are their handicraft skills. Both of my parents are good at woodworking and a lot of things inside their home are handmade. I learned from an early age that simple furniture like desks, shelves or even cupboards can easily (and often more cheaply) be handmade instead of bought. Some of my favourite childhood memories are from woodworking with my mum. I […]

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sewing room planning: the colour palette

Sewing Room Planning, Part 2: Colour and Mood

Last week, I wrote about my new sewing room. Today I want to share some more details about my plans for the room. Whenever I have to decorate a room, I think about mood and colour first. The Mood I want the room to feel cozy, inviting and inspiring, yet not too cluttered or crazy as it is pretty small and I like a certain calmness in a room when […]

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Sewing Room Planning, Part 1: Before

A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment. After lots of small studios and shared flats, the new place feels like a giant palace. I mean: There’s a separate bedroom. An entire room just for sleeping and getting dressed. It’s crazy … But it’s getting even more luxurious: The very best part about this new home is by far the sewing room (I actually call it sewing room, […]