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Quick Tip: A useful tool for your iron

I want to share a little tip with you today about a small tool that comes in handy every time I’m ironing. You know how we constantly switch between our sewing machine and our iron? And how every time we do that we have the choice of either unplugging the iron or leaving it plugged in? The former will waste energy and keep you at risk of forgetting about your […]

Tips and Tricks

Quick Tip: Using a tailor’s clapper

Today, I just want to share a quick tip with you about something I learned earlier this month. You might be aware of the Ginger Jeans Sewalong going on over at Closet Case Files. At the beginning of the month, Heather posted about jean making supplies and mentioned a thing called clapper, a handy little tool that helps to lock the moisture and heat into the fabric after ironing. I […]