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Strap Options for my Cobalt Dress: Details

Summer Dress Sketching: Straps

I’ve been obsessed with cobalt blue for quite a while now. It all started with Lauren’s dress and then this interview with Gretchen Jones on Seamwork (scroll down to see the photo of her blue dress). Gretchen really is right when she says that “you can’t not stare at somebody in a bright blue dress”. And then, of course, there’s all those beautiful pictures of girls in strappy maxi dresses […]

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Sewing Pattern Roundup: 6 Blouses with beautiful Details |

Pattern Roundup:
6 Blouses I’d sew up right away

I’ve mentioned it countless times already but let me just say it once more: There’s nothing I like more than beautiful details. Boxy minimalist rectangle-shaped clothes can stay in fashion as long as they want – I’ll always fall in love with the patterns that are a bit more special. At the same time, I’m finding it extremely hard to find such patterns, especially when it comes to tops. So […]

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Autumn Sewing Plans 2015 |

Autumn Sewing Plans 2015

Hey guys, I hope you’re all fine. I just returned from a late summer vacation in Greece and although German weather has been gentle (no rain storms and quite a lot of sun), it’s still hard to accept that autumn has arrived up here. I always want to hold on to summer as long as I can and there’s nothing worse than people telling me “Well, I guess summer’s over […]

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Weekend Inspiration #1

Do you listen to sewing podcasts? If not, you definitely should. There are some really good ones out there. I like The Sewing Affair and Thread Cult. It was through the latter that I discovered the work of textile artist Audrey Louise Reynolds. She uses natural material like flowers, seaweed, earth and tons of other stuff to dye fabric. Printing and Dyeing Fabric is something I always wanted to try, […]

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sewing room planning: the colour palette

Sewing Room Planning, Part 2: Colour and Mood

Last week, I wrote about my new sewing room. Today I want to share some more details about my plans for the room. Whenever I have to decorate a room, I think about mood and colour first. The Mood I want the room to feel cozy, inviting and inspiring, yet not too cluttered or crazy as it is pretty small and I like a certain calmness in a room when […]

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Sewing Room Planning, Part 1: Before

A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment. After lots of small studios and shared flats, the new place feels like a giant palace. I mean: There’s a separate bedroom. An entire room just for sleeping and getting dressed. It’s crazy … But it’s getting even more luxurious: The very best part about this new home is by far the sewing room (I actually call it sewing room, […]

Autumn Sewing Plans – Sketches

Autumn Sewing Plans

Autumn is in full swing already and it’s time to think about something to do on those cold and rainy nights. I’ve recently cleaned out my closet, sorting out lots of unworn/ugly/old clothes. So I am ready for something new and fresh. I sketched out some sewing projects for fall in water colour just for the fun of it. I might not actually make all of them but it’s always […]