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A Roundup of all my Unfinished Objects |

Moment of truth:
A roundup of all my UFOs

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments on my last post. Just a few days later, I finally finally found a flat share with the most wonderful roommates. You know you got the right kind of people when you spend over an hour chatting, laughing and eating cookies in the kitchen. I’m super excited to move back to the city again! Now let’s move on to today’s post: […]

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Looking Back on 2015:
Goals and Plans

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had an amazing New Year’s celebration. I spent the last few days visiting friends in London which was beyond awesome. The city, the people, the pubs, the accent – I’m in love! I even managed to pay a short visit to Goldhawk Road and MacCulloch & Wallis. Then on New Year’s Eve we went to see the Fireworks on the […]

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The Year of Destashing

The year I started to sew, a whole new world opened up to me: The world of fabric. Something I had nevered cared about in my non-sewing days, let alone noticed. And then, all of a sudden, I saw fabric everywhere: In small shops. In big shops. At IKEA. At flea markets, departments stores, charity shops, … you name it. So there I was, a completely overwhelmed beginner, buying any […]


Goals and Plans for 2015

After the 2014 roundup, I am excited to share my goals and plans for 2015 with you today: 1. LEARN! In capital letters that is. This year I want to focus on my talents and passions more than ever. There’s a million things I still want to learn and try out: Textile printing! Knitting! Calligraphy! Pattern Drafting! … The list is endless and sometimes the sheer mass of things on […]