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Things I made in 2014 |

2014 roundup

They say life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And boy, did life happen last year! 2014 was exciting, but not always in a good way. Life happened quite a lot, resulting in one of the hardest (yet probably best) decisions of my life so far. So here I am now, in 2015, living in a different place in a different city with a different job, none […]

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Hello Sewing World

My name is Wiebke and I’ve been sewing (on a more or less regular basis) for about three years now. I came to sewing more or less by coincidence. Fashion had never been an interesting topic for me. That was, until I discovered these amazing ladies who made me realize that style comes in many forms, not just the ones presented in glossy magazines. This resulted in a quickly growing interest in […]