A little more about me …

About me

Hi, my name is Wiebke. I’m a web designer and a sewing fanatic and I live in the North of Germany.

I came to sewing more or less by coincidence. It all started when I discovered these amazing ladies who made me realize that style comes in many forms, not just the ones presented in glossy magazines. This resulted in a quickly growing interest in fashion, and finally the desire to make my own clothes.

My day job is all about the digital world, so creating something with just my hands is always a welcome change. My superpower of choice is dressmaking, but I also enjoy knitting, illustration, woodworking and sometimes even small craft projects.


About the blog

Nähzimmer [ˈnɛ:tsɪmɐ] is the German word for “sewing room”. My grandmother was a dressmaker. As a child, her Nähzimmer was my favourite room in the entire house. Us grandchildren were always welcome in there. We would craft and draw at her cutting table, play with fabric scraps, sort her button collection and even try a little sewing ourselves. It was magical!

Granny’s Nähzimmer was the first creative place in my life. And I want this blog to be a little bit like it: A space for all things handmade and creative, including lots of – but not limited to – sewing.