The Pauline Alice
Carme Blouse

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Hey guys, it’s me again with another unblogged garment from the past. Back in 2015, I made this beautiful Pauline Alice Carme Blouse, pintucks and all. Sadly, it was a bit too small around the bust and I ended up selling it to another lovely person. So please excuse the un-ironed hanger-pictures :)

Pattern: Carme Blouse by Pauline Alice
Fabric:lightweight cotton twill
Alterations:– chose a smaller size for a more fitted look
– lowered bust dart by 2 cm using this tutorial
– lengthened bodice by 2 cm
– lengthened sleeves by 2 cm
Make Again?

It’s been almost five years since I‘ve made this blouse and despite all its “cuteness” – pintucks and all – I would still wear it today. Unfortunately, I can’t since for some reason, I made a size 34. Probably because it looked to loose-fitting in Pauline Alice’s product photos. It was a bad idea since the garment ended up too tight across the bust and the back.

Pauline has some very helpful video instructions on her website and there’s also great quality photo instructions on this blog.

Pin Tucks

Just a small detail: If you’re doing the size 34 you can only sew five pin tucks on your templates and leave the others open. The sixth pin tuck will sit almost invisibly right on the edge of the yoke and only create extra bulk.

Button Placket and Button Closure

It’s interesting how many details go into constructing a garment. For example, I didn’t even notice before that the button closure does not sit in the very centre of the pintucks. Not in my version, not in Pauline’s sample version and not in everyone else’s versions.

You might also notice that the length of the button band varies, depending on the size made – sometimes extending way beyond the bib, sometimes ending just below. That’s because the pattern piece for the button placket is the same length in all sizes while the size of the bib changed.

I don’t want to be too nit-picky about it – the pattern is still amazing, the instructions are great and I love this blouse to the moon and back – but those are just things I noticed that confused me a bit during the construction.
There’s also no word about interfacing and it didn’t seem like the placket was interfaced in the sewalong videos. However, next time I would at least interface the button band.

I am a bit sad that I didn’t take better pictures of this blouse, but it’s still nice to have some photos to remind myself of my make. The blouse went to a wonderful person who hopefully wears and loves it a lot. Maybe some day I am going to make another one in a bigger size for myself :-)