Sewing (Men’s) Shirts:
Tips and Resources

Last week, I talked about the time I sewed my first men’s shirt, which was one of those project that took my sewing to a whole new level. Lately, I am thinking a lot about how to make my blog posts more useful for my readers.

Seeing a finished sewing project can be quite intimidating at times, especially for beginners. Yet any project can be broken down into individual steps, which are much less scary, if you look at them one at a time.

So from now on, I will include more links to blog posts, videos and online classes that helped me tackle those steps. I might one day build an index, just like with my favourite knitting tutorials, but for now I am thinking individual blog posts. You will find all of them in my Tips and Tricks category.

Alright, without further ado, here’s some resources that helped me when sewing my first men’s shirt:

Male Pattern Boldness:
The Men’s Shirt Sew-Along

Peter of Male Pattern Boldness had a great sew along a few years ago, also featuring a post on sloping shoulders adjustments (which I needed for my shirt).

Grainline Studio: Archer Sew-Along

This is actually a women’s shirt but as most steps are basically the same this sew-along provides a lot of information as well

Thread Theory:
What makes menswear interesting to sew?

This is still one of my favourite blog articles ever. It discusses a lot of great details you can add to men’s clothes. Especially if you just sew for guys whose favourite fabrics would be navy and black solids.

Pam Howard’s Craftsy Class:
“The Classic Tailored Shirt”

This is the resource that definitely helped me the most. As a beginner in shirtmaking it was perfect to have a professional show you exactly how it’s done step by step in a video. I love how Pam slowly and patiently walks you through every step of the shirtmaking process, always pointing out that you should take your time and that there’s no need to rush anything.

This class taught my tons of new things: Flat felled seams (can’t believe I never used those before), sewing pockets and most of all that ninja-like trick with the yoke. If you have never made a shirt before and want to stretch your sewing knowledge, I highly recommend this class

If you have any more tips and tricks for shirtmaking, feel free to share them in the comments.