5 small DIY projects

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I don’t talk about it much here on the blog, but even when I’m not sewing, I am constantly making something. Looking around my room the other day, I suddenly realized how many of my things are either handmade or altered in some way.

Apart from my wardrobe and handmade furniture, my room is full of things that resulted from small projects: painted IKEA shelves, leather drawer handles, reupholstered chairs, sewn cushions, you name it. Just last week I built an extra shelf into my closet because I was in deperate need of storage space.

I do these things without event thinking about it. But few of them would be even worth an entire blog post. So I thought I’d start a new series here and show you guys some photos of my smaller projects on a regular basis.

Here we go …

Handmade Clay Bead Necklace

There was a time when I was really into making things from polymer clay. The original aim was to make my own buttons, but since these things didn’t seem to last in the washing machine, I made these beads instead and created a key chain and this necklace – both with a beautiful leather band.

Pink Faux Fur Cushion

Not sure what it is with me and faux fur, but it kinda seems to be my newest obsession. This cushion was originally made to sell, but somehow never did and now it’s part of the cushion collection on my bed and I do not intend to part with it anytime soon.

Faux Fur Covered Can

Another awesome use for faux fur and a quick and easy DIY “project”. I shamelessly stole this idea from my roommate.

Screen Printed Claw

Back in january, I took a screenprinting class at a local theatre and it was just amazing! Sadly, I didn’t bring fabric to print on for a bigger project, but I did lots of smaller experiments with different motifs. One of them is this claw, printed on black cardboard. It is now part of a small “gallery wall” in my room and I absolutely love it!

Screen-Printed Tote Bag

Any biologists present? To be honest: I have absolutely no idea what kind of bacteria that is. I naively chose it for it’s prettiness in form. What’s interesting, though, are the handles. You can enhance any tote bag by sewing in pretty cotton webbing instead of the ugly thin fabric handles that come with them by default. Because of that, this bag is super comfortable to carry!

Sooo … that’s about it. Do you do other creative things, apart from sewing? Do you share the results somewhere? Let me know in the comments.