My favourite tutorials
for beginner knitters

Ever since I started knitting, I’ve been on the hunt for good tutorials. Basically everything I know about knitting comes from consulting the omniscience of youtube and blogs. Whenever I don’t know what a term or an abbrevation in a pattern means, I just try to find a video or a blog post that explains it.

That being said, finding good, high-quality tutorials for beginner knitters isn’t always easy. Looking for a way to list those I found most helpful, I created a subpage for this blog. From now on, you will find my favourite tutorials here on the blog: My Favourite Knitting Tutorials

This is intended as a summary of my tried-and-true tutorials rather than an exhaustive list, but I will keep adding links as I keep learning. For a brief moment, I even considered producing a couple of tutorials myself. We’ll see how that one goes :-) For now, I think there’s so many great ones out there that I don’t need to film another video on how to do a yarnover.

Bu I’m always excited to learn about new blogs, channels and tutorials. Do you have any favourite tutorials or resources for knitting? Let me know in the comments.