Sewing, Life
and Unicorns

Happy New Year, folks! I don’t want to start 2017 all silently, so here’s a small post to wrap up the past year and show you at least some photos of sewing things.

Life and Stuff

As in most cases of blog hiatus, the silence on this blog is in no way representative of what has been going on in my life lately. 2016 started with the end of a long relationship, which of course sucked big time. I moved into a new neighbourhood and a new home and it felt strange, uncomfortable and very hard at first.

But now twelve months have flewn by and the year was just amazing. It was so full of changes and new beginnings and new people and new experiences, that I was constantly torn between feelings of exhiliration and exhaustion. At times, all the uncertainty felt almost unbearable and I wouldn’t say it was all roses and daisies, but all in all, now, at the beginning of 2017, I feel so much more alive and free and happy than I have in years. And that feeling is amazing.

The past year was full of beautiful people, new friends, long nights, karaoke bars, divey pubs, couchsurfers, freestyle cooking, ballpoint pen tattoos, procrastination, nightly bike rides, music, art, design, dance, passion and deep conversations about life, love and unicorns. And I am just insanely grateful for everything that happened. Most of all for all the wonderful people I got to meet. I’m so thankful to have had people to accompany me through this confusing time, even when I wasn’t at the top of my game (which was most days). I also made a playlist of all the songs from my 2016 – a wonderfully odd mix of at least ten different genres, none of which fit together, so all in all, a perfect representation of my year.

With all of these changes, sewing got pushed to the backburner for a while, which was sad, but necessary. I hope to continue blogging in 2017 – there’s a whole lot of projects I can’t wait to show you. Also, my style has changed quite a bit and I am therefore determined to radically change my blog layout.

Anyway, let’s talk sewing, folks!

New Fabrics

With all the life and style changes, I put a brake on my Stash Less Plans. However, I’ve become incredibly good at avoiding shelf warmers and only buying fabric I will use in future projects. I am just starting to discover eBay classifieds as a new source for affordable fabric. Three local sewing studios sold out their stashes and I bought a bunch of great-quality fabric for an insane price – some velvet, some jersey and some crazy sweatshirt knit. Then I panic-bought these big fur scraps for a last-minute project I didn’t put into practice, and am now searching for ideas on what to make from them. Any ideas?

2016 projects

All my sewing and knitting projects of 2016
Row 1: Brooklyn Tweed Bough cowl, simple self-drafted sweater, simple lined knit skirt, Honey cowl
Row 2: Striped Plantain Tee, Pink Fur Pillow (!), green silk Bombshell dress, simple red hat in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn
Row 3: Tessuti Alice Top, simple floral knit skirt from Françoise’s fabric, Kokka Mini skirt, Burda Karen Cardigan in wool

I did not complete a lot of projects this year. Some Plantain tees, some simple knits skirts, a top here, a cardigan there. However, I did make my most ambitious project so far: A green silk Bombshell dress, complete with underlining and spiral steel boning, that I still owe you a few photos of ;-) In fact: I just realized I didn’t blog about any of those garments above. How embarrassing!
Another thing that’s currently on my sewing table, is a bomber jacket from the aforementioned purple velvet. I already love it like crazy!

2017 plans

Not a lot, actually. I want to continue sewing crazy things that fit my style and I am determined to get into lingerie sewing, since the price and discomfort of ready-to-wear undergarments becomes more and more unbearable.
Also, I’ll be moving to Berlin in April and am already looking forward to explore the city’s fabric shops and sewing groups. Sooo excited!

Okay, now that was quite a long post. How was your 2016? Any exciting plans for the new year? And if you have an idea on what to make from those beautiful fake fur scraps – feel free to leave a comment as well.