Currently: June 2016

Hi everyone, how’s it going? I hope you’re all well. So, you probably haven’t noticed (I’m pretty sure you have plenty other sources of entertainment) and when I started this blog, I swore to myself not to write a sentence like this, but I really am a little sorry for not having blogged in a while. I’ve been really good at keeping a consistant blog schedule ever since I started and now it’s been way too long. Plus, I really like my little corner of the internet.

So as long, as I don’t have the time to take proper blog photos (because that’s really all that’s missing – the texts come pretty much naturally and I can write them everywhere), let me at least give you a short roundup on what’s been going on lately, sewing-wise:

The Bombshell Dress

Yup. YUP! The Bombshell Dress. As I’m writing this, I can not even believe it, but: I did it! I made Gertie’s Bombshell Dress from that-craftsy-class-that’s-so-old-it’s-no-longer-available. A “dress dress” as one of my housemates put it. See the above photo for evidence. This is the most complex thing I’ve sewn so far and I am super proud. The most unbelievable thing is that I made it in under a week (sacrificing every free minute and even more sleep to it). I can’t wait to show you the finished piece!

Pattern Drafting Class

In April, I found out that, as a student, you get a fifty percent permanent discount for all classes at the local Volkshochschule. So I took the opportunity to sign up for two pattern drafting classes – one on skirts and one on trousers and it was fantastic. I learned so so much. There’s another one on tops coming up this month. I’m super excited!

Summer Sewing

I currently have a few light and easy summer projects lined up (viscose ftw!) and also plan to participate in the Outfit-Along again this year. Last year was nothing but awesome and I hope I’ll have a new dress and cardigan by the end of July.

Meeting Sewing Friends

I mentioned in this post how scared I was to try and found a local sewing meetup, yet somehow I just started one and despite being only two weeks old, we’re at seven members already (whoop whoop!). Our first meeting is next week. Wish me luck! Oh, and if you have any ideas on where to find awesome hobby seamstresses locally (people who sew on a more advanced level and primarily adult clothes), please let me know in the comments below.

What about you guys? How is your summer going along?