Finished Project:
Red Burda Easy Shorts

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Pattern: Shorts from German “Burda easy fashion” Spring/Summer 2009
Size:38, but took in the sides
Fabric:very simple red and pink patterned cotton from my stash
Details:– contrasting fabric on pockets and waistband lining
– french and flat-felled seams
– (poorly executed) faux welt pockets
Alterations:– made the longer version but shortened it by 4 cm
– took in the sides slightly
– altered the pocket pieces a bit, so the lining fabric could peek
Make Again?Probably. This is a nice basic pattern to have on hand.

Burda Easy Shorts |

It’s funny how sometimes I spend a lot of time planning and sewing a garment only to realize at the end that I have no idea how to wear it. I’m all like “Well, I guess it’s not quite my style after all. Bummer.” and move on, only to come back to the exact same garment months later and wearing the hell out of it.

Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration – a girl on the subway wearing interesting colours, a photo of Helena Bonham Carter on pinterest or a comment from a blog reader suggesting you wear your summer tops peeking out under shirts (grasshack, thanks again, that look is right up my alley!).

Red Burda Easy Shorts and Floral Top |

It happened with my Françoise dress and it happened with these shorts. I finished them in November, but didn’t really know how to style them in an interesting way. Three months later, I’m standing in front of the mirror, pulling out my floral Sorbetto top and this rarely-worn sweater, and suddenly I don’t want to wear anything else ever again. It’s a nice confirmation that most of what I sew right now does fit my style and taste.

Pocket Lining Detail on Burda Easy Shorts |

The pattern is a very basic one from my very first Burda, their “easy fashion” edition of Spring/Summer 2009. It might be nostalgia speaking, but I still really love a lot of the sewing patterns from that issue.

These shorts are a great basic pattern to have on hand and not all that hard to put together. The instructions were more extensive than for regular Burda patterns, but still pretty confusing. I can’t imagine how a beginner would make sense of this. However, the only really hard part is sewing the fly front, for which I took a peek at Lauren’s Thurlow trousers sewalong.

Contrasting Pocket Fabric on Burda Easy Shorts |

As always, my favourite part was the lining. I used an antique pink cotton with a small pattern from my let’s-buy-old-bedsheets-from-thrift-stores-to-make-dresses phase. The button is from the local fabric market – I went there one super rainy november day, looking for fabric and went home with … this button.

Laser-cut button on Burda Easy Shorts|

I wanted to try welt pockets but was afraid the pocket bags would show through the thin fabric, so I tried faux welt pockets which turned out exactly like a second try at some complicated sewing technique would turn out: Pretty awful. The thread color matches very well, though, so I guess I can get away with it.

Burda Easy Shorts: Faux Welt Pockets |

My only regret is that the fabric is kinda thin. I’m afraid it will rub through at the back after some wear. Maybe I’ll make another pair of these in a more trouser-appropriate fabric. Having decrypted the instructions, I’m sure I’ll use the pattern again in summer.

Anyway, it took me some time but now I really like these shorts. And this outfit.
Do you ever sew something that you’re not super thrilled about but learn to love months later?