Moment of truth:
A roundup of all my UFOs

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments on my last post. Just a few days later, I finally finally found a flat share with the most wonderful roommates. You know you got the right kind of people when you spend over an hour chatting, laughing and eating cookies in the kitchen. I’m super excited to move back to the city again!

Now let’s move on to today’s post: They say, telling people about your goals makes it more likely for you to reach them. While this seemed definitely true for the roommate situation, I’m not sure if this applies to any other life situation. What I do know though, is that documenting my plans helps me to keep them on my mind and eventually put them into practice.
So today I want to talk about UFOs. Those constant unfinished objects that we once started super enthusiastically that were then put aside because the fit wasn’t right or another problem occured.

Part of the Stash Less Challenge was to take stock of your stash materials and the reasons you bought them. Since I just did that a year ago, I thought I’d take stock of my UFOs instead and document the reasons I put them off.

First, let me clarify that when I say “unfinished objects” I don’t mean the shirt that I cut out a week ago. I mean sewing projects and to-be-refashioned projects that have been sitting in my to-do-box for everything from six months to three years. Some of these have already moved two or three times with me. It’s embarrassing, but maybe listing them here on the blog will help me finally tackle them. All in all, I have 12 long-term unfinished projects.

Work in Progress: 5 Sewing Projects

Unfinished Colette Beignet Skirt Sewing Project

Beignet Skirt

What is it? The Colette Beignet button-down skirt, a project I started last year
Why did I put it off? First it turned out too big, then it took me forever to find the right buttons.
What’s left do to? Sew the buttonholes, attach the buttons and belt loops

Unifinished By Hand London Victoria Blazer

Victoria Blazer

What is it? The By Hand London Victoria Blazer
Why did I put it off? I had some major fitting issues (I wrote about in in depth here)
What’s left do to? Make a muslin, adjust the fit, chose new fabric for underlining, cuffs and collar, go again

Unifinished Black and White Cardigan

Black and White Cardigan

What is it? A cardigan from heavier knit fabric with unfinished sleeve hems.
Why did I put it off? Frustration and Confusion. The shawl collar and rounded hem don’t go well with the busy triangle pattern. Wearing it, I look like an optical illusion. Besides, the fabric is too heavy for the rounded hem. A basic cardigan pattern with simple lines and a straight front would’ve been much better.
What’s left do to? Maybe recut the pieces into a pattern that is a better fit. Maybe a cropped cardigan? Or maybe I’ll just donate the whole thing and call it a day.

Unfinished Burda Skirt Sewing Project

Turquoise Skirt

What is it? My second ever skirt, made in a sewing class in 2012. While the skirt is supposed to sit on the waist, I made it sit on the hip. Not a wise decision. It doesn’t look very good and needed to be taken in.
Why did I put it off? Frustration. I already took in the waistband and side seams, but accidentally removed too much. It’s still possible to add some width back, but it will be fiddly and annoying.
What’s left do to? Add some width back to the waistband, reattach waistband.

Unfinished Sewing Project for a friend: Tent Bags

Tent Bags

What is it? Tent bags for a dear family member
Why did I put it off? Fabric and Pattern Issues. The fabric isn’t very stable and doesn’t hold any bag shapes, my leather sewing machine has thread tension issues and the overall pattern was kinda improvised and not exactly clear
What’s left do to? Almost everything. The pattern pieces are already cut out. But that is about it.

Work in Progress: 3 Upcycling/Refashion Projects

Unfinished Upcycled Floral Dress

Floral Upcycled Dress

What is it? A thrifted floral dress that was too big and too long. I liked the pattern so I planned to alter it into a more fitted dress. The bodice is already done (and those ugly plastic buttons are off).
Why did I put it off? I had more interesting and more urgent projects to tackle. Plus, the lining pieces had to be drafted which seemed kinda hard.
What’s left do to? Draft and cut the lining pieces, install a zipper, several small steps

Unfinished Upcycling Project: Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dot Dress

What is it? Same as above: Another thrifted dress that’s too big and too large. The skirt is already shortened, all that’s left to do is the bodice
Why did I put it off? Impatience. I need to draft a basic bodice so I can alter the bodice of this dress to fit my body. I didn’t have the motivation to do that yet.
What’s left do to? Draft a bodice block, alter the dress bodice accordingly, attach skirt

Unfinished Military Jacket |

Military Jacket

What is it? A military style jacket I got as a present when I was 17. It has two embroidered bats on the back, which I loved at 17. But now they’re kind of embarrassing. I still love the style of the jacket, so I thought I’d sew some of my Victoria blazer fabric on the back to cover up the embroideries.
Why did I put it off? I want to finish my Victoria blazer first to see if anything is left of the fabric.
What’s left do to? Everything

Work in Progress: 4 Mending/Alteration Projects

Unfinished Gudrun Sjödén Wrap Skirt

Gudrun Sjödén Wrap Skirt

What is it? A Beautiful Wrap Skirt by Swedish textile designer Gudrun Sjödén, bought on sale. It was too long and I didn’t like wrap skirt that sat on the waist back when I bought it. So my plan was to alter it.
Why did I put it off? I didn’t know how to transform a wrap skirt into a normal skirt so I didn’t get any further than taking off the (neatly attached) waistband.
What’s left do to? Now that I’ve conquered both my fear of wrap skirts and my issues with skirts that sit on the waist: Reattach the waistband and shorten the skirt to the desired length.

Unfinished Hoodie Jacket |

Red Hoodie Jacket

What is it? My favourite ever hoodie jacket. I was so sad when it rubbed through at the elbows and so glad when I was able to save it with these leather patches. Sadly, I didn’t know about the difference between ballpoint and regular needles then and now the fabric has little holes in it.
Why did I put it off? Because I don’t really know how to save it.
What’s left do to? Probably take off the leather patches, mend the holes and buy and attach new patches.

Unfinished Refashioned Gudrun Sjödén Bikini |

Gudrun Sjödén Bikini

What is it? A swimsuit that’s supposed to be turned into a bikini. It’s already cut apart but the waistband and hem need finishing.
Why did I put it off? There was a problem with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine, so this one got shoved to the back burner. After that I just forgot :D
What’s left do to? Attach elastic and finish the waistband, sew the top hem

Unfinished Black Skirt |

Black Topshop Skirt

What is it? A topshop skirt from jacquard jersey with an assymetrical front detail that doesn’t look very good on me – I planned to take it off and turn it into a simple skirt instead
Why did I put it off? Insecurity. All seams are serged and I’m not sure if I can sew these with stretch stitches on my regular sewing machine. The elastic on the waistband is something that’s particularly scary.
What’s left do to? Conquer my fears and do it!

Now what?

So that was it. 12 unfinished projects. I’m a bit embarrassed now, but then again I’m pretty sure that just documenting these will help me finish at least some of them. We’ll see how it works out.

Do you have a box of UFOs? Maybe even one that has moved several times with you? Please tell me you do :)