Currently: March 2016

March has been such an exciting month! It was semester break month and even though I still had a lot of school work to do, I managed to squeeze in some blogging, photography and of course, sewing. Here’s a small roundup of what’s been going on lately:

Work in Progress Sewing Projects |


My sewing machine was broken and had to be repaired so I spent two weeks cutting and pattern drafting. I finally drafted the high-low peplum top I planned ages ago. The fabric is a super soft grey viscose knit I got for my birthday. The back of that fabric is in a crazy neon green. I also made a Tessuti Alice top in tiny grey gingham. And another Plantain from a striped knit I got for Christmas (you’ve seen it on my wishlist before).

Brooklyn Tweed Bough Cowl Work in Progress |


In order to prevent my yarn stash from even building up, I started using the remnants from my first Cardigan to knit the Bough cowl by Brooklyn Tweed. The motif part was fun, but now I’m on to the border part and that’s where the instructions get confusing. However, I am optimistic I’ll figure things out. There’s also the Quince & Co Chickadee yarn I got for Christmas, reserved for the Empire cardigan by Gudrun Johnston.

Fabric and Haberdashery Purchases from March 2016 |

Recent Purchases

When I visited London in December, I bought this amazing green silk along with some spiral steel boning. A friend of mine is getting married in May and this is the perfect opportunity to sew a festive dress for myself. I’m thinking Gertie’s bombshell dress class that I bought on craftsy ages ago would be great for this.
I also discovered an amazing haberdashery shop in my hometown and bought those silver and golden cord ends (for the sweater mentioned here) and some clear elastic.

Blockprinted Fabric |

Block printing

As much as I hated my drawing classes this semester (always the same and super lame feedback), I loved it when we tried block printing for a few weeks back in December. Inspired by all the lovely pattern and fabric designers out there, I very spontaneously sketched something out and printed it on fabric a few times. I’ll eventually sew these into bags, but it might take some time since home decor sewing is not my favourite, haha.

Non-Sewing Non-Knitting WIPs

So those are my current WIPs. My current non-sewing related WIP is apartment hunting. I’m actually searching for a shared flat with roommates now and it’s both exciting and exhausting. At times, it feels like speed dating, as a lot of people don’t take more than 30 minutes to get to know their potential roommate. That’s not a time frame in which I can determine if I want to live with someone or not. Some even seem to forget that wether you want to live with someone or not is a mutual decision and treat people applying for their room very rude.
Anyway, despite all the weird encounters and 30-minute-speed-dates, there’s also still people that restore my faith in humanity. Nice relaxed guys and girls that don’t just tell you the “hard facts” about the apartment before basically kicking you out mid-sentence after 20 minutes. I always tell myself that you have to dig through a lot of mud before finding the hidden gems (I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true).

Okay, sorry for the long ramble. What have you been sewing lately? Do you have any exciting projects planned?