Looking Back on 2015:
Goals and Plans

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had an amazing New Year’s celebration. I spent the last few days visiting friends in London which was beyond awesome. The city, the people, the pubs, the accent – I’m in love! I even managed to pay a short visit to Goldhawk Road and MacCulloch & Wallis. Then on New Year’s Eve we went to see the Fireworks on the Thames which ruined me for any Fireworks in my home country forever.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I love to start the New Year looking back on what was and making plans for what will come. So today, I’d love to talk a bit about my 2015 goals and plans. Last year, I basically set three intentions for the year: Make. Learn. And Participate.

MAKE! – Think less, make more

2015-makeLeft to right, clockwise: Françoise Dress, yet unblogged Sorbetto top, yet unblogged green cardi, Miette Skirt, Vega Hat

Check. I have never created more than within the last year. I used to have this dream of sewing one garment a month. It always seemed so unattainable and now this year I’ve sewn 18 things! Slowly but surely my wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes. And before I knew it, I was wearing something handmade almost everyday, without even thinking about it. It’s crazy.
But wait, there’s more! I learned how to knit and added four truly amazing hats, a cowl and two cardigans into my wardrobe. I couldn’t be happier. On top of all of that, there’s even been a few simple woodworking project, two of which for the sewing room. I’ll show you soon, I promise.

Learn – expand my skills, learn new ones

2015-learnLeft to right, clockwise: Dahlia Dress, green hat and cowl, screenshot of a typography project, Snowflake Sweater progress, a last-minute Christmas Carme Blouse

Check, check, check. First of all, I did learn a lot just from sewing more regularly this year. I also took a sewing class where I made the Dahlia dress. Unfortunately, a special pattern drafting class wasn’t in my budget. So I might try to teach myself the necessary skills from books now.
Besides sewing and knitting, I started design school again and learned one hell of a lot about studio photography, typography ❤ and editorial design. The slowness of print media compared to the web industry still surprises me every time, but I love the possibilities it provides and have developed a remarkable love for paper and bookbinding techniques.

Participate – both online and offline

2015-participateLeft to right, clockwise: A Me-Made-May Outfit, #bpsewvember on instagram, my plans for OAL 2015, some more instagram photos

Small check. Unfortunately, my long time dream of founding a local sewing group didn’t fulfill, mostly because I’m a coward. To be honest: While this year has been rather successful sewing-wise, it wasn’t so much on a personal level and at times I felt awkwardly self conscious about meeting new people. So for now, this one got pushed to the back burner. However, I did take part in Me-Made-May and bpsewvember on instagram this year. It’s not the same as meeting people in real life, but it still was a lot of fun and definitely made me feel more connected to the online sewing community.

So that was my 2015. It was also my first year of blogging. I had so much fun and learned a lot about writing, editing and photography! After years of anonymous blog reading (and the very rare occasional comment) it is so nice to share my own makes and my own point of view. I’m very very excited for the next year.

Do you guys set New Year’s resolutions?
And are any of you in a local sewing group or have even founded one? As much as I’d love to get out of my bubble and do it this year, there’s still so much stupid anxiety that I can’t get out of my head.