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Christmas Wishlist

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Within the last few years, my christmas wishes have completely shifted from books, movies and clothes to fabric, yarn and sewing magazines. For this year I illustrated my wishlist. I also added a few more beautiful things just for fun. Most of the shops I linked to are German, but of course most things are available outside of Germany as well.

1) Striped Fabric and Peacock Fabric – I’ve posted swatches of these on instagram before. They’re beautiful organic fair traded cottons from one of my favourite online shops, siebenblau. The striped jersey would make a lovely Plantain top (of course!) and I’m thinking the peacock one would look great as a simple woven top, paired with my solid coloured skirts and jeans.

2) A Tailor’s Board – This has been on my wishlist ever since I started making shirts. It’s a wonderful pressing tool, but right now, I can’t afford it. Going on my “to buy once I’ve finished school and started earning decent money” list.

3) LEGO storage head – Zipper storage, button storage, you name it. This one is so cool!

4) Measuring Tape Bracelet – Aka the coolest piece of jewellery ever. It’s basically unaffordable for me right now and I’m not a big bracelet wearer anyway, but I had to include this one just for the awesomeness of it.

5) Carme Blouse Sewing Pattern –  I’ve loved this pattern ever since it was released and I also think it’s a nice change to all the boring top patterns out there.

6) Pretty Elastic – To be honest: I don’t actually need this. In fact: I definitely don’t need this. But isn’t it pretty? Just imagine it on the waistline of a simple black jersey dress with a gathered skirt … God, I hope they sell out of it soon.

7) Quince and Co. Yarn – Hours upon hours of browsing ravelry have made an impact on me and now I’m all crazy for trendy yarns. Quince and Co. Chickadee yarns in their beautiful colours Belize and Iceland are on my wishlist.

8) Wooden Thread Spools – I have a small box of ribbons and bias tapes that’s a mess. These would help a lot in organizing them.

So those are sewing and knitting related christmas wishes for this year.
What about you? Do you have any sewing or knitting related wishes?