Throwback Thursday:
The first and worst thing
I ever sewed

Sometimes, when you start your first project in a craft that’s new to you, you think of all the things that can go wrong. But then once you’re at it, it all comes naturally. You push through the challenging task and come out on the other side, smiling, with a beautiful project in your hands.

Well, this was none of those times. Let me tell you the story of the very first (and worst) thing I ever sewed:

This skirt was made in August 2008. A few months ago I had discovered personal style blogs and the wardrobe remix flickr group. So when I came across one evening, I was hooked. Seeing all those photos of women in their handmade garments blew my mind. I had to start sewing my own clothes!

It was then that some sort of sewing megalomania hit me. My grandmother was a dressmaker, so somehow my manic teenage self must have assumed that it would all come naturally to her. She borrowed an old sewing machine, bought some fabric, printed the English (!) instructions and just dove right in without even thinking twice. Or, … well … once.

Being a really impatient person, I didn’t even bother asking my granny or doing more research on technique. I wanted to sew a skirt and I wanted to be finished quickly. The instructions were hard to understand. I managed to translate some of the sewing terms, but most of the time I understood neither the English word nor the German translation. I didn’t know about interfacing. Or zipper feet. Or seam finishes. I basically didn’t know anything except how to sew two layers of fabric together.

Oh, and I thought that to “press” something meant to hold it tight between your fingers, which was really confusing, so I just ignored those steps. Ha! Not sure if this post can get any more embarassing. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the white contrasting fabric is actually a remainder from the curtains in my room.
Or that this project is still online on where you can look it up (please don’t) and read how I called it “one of my first creations”.

My first and worst sewing project ever | Here it is again in all its glory

As I’m writing this post, I’m still asking myself what the hell I was thinking. This skirt is the absolutely worst thing I ever made. The list of mistakes is endless. In fact, there’s probably nothing I actually did do right except maybe sewing the pieces together the right way.

And while I’m super embarrassed at my inflated teenage ego I somehow smile at my younger self for having the courage to just go with it and not give up although it was challenging and the end result looked absolutely ridiculous.

A lot has changed since August 2008. I took a 180 degree turn in terms of patience, finally managed to ask my grandmother sewing questions and learned a lot from classes, books and blogs. I also like to think that my ego is not as inflated anymore as it was back then.
I still love to dive right into a challenging project (see my first ever cardigan), but I’ve learned to take my time with it, to look up all the resources I can find along the way. Oh, and I love pressing!

So that was the story of the first and worst sewing project of my life.
What about you? What was the first thing you sewed? Any embarassing moments of megalomania? Or stories of success? I’d love to hear.