Currently …

Long time no see. The last weeks felt pretty strange as I was deep down in a sewing slump. This has never happened before, but somehow when I came home in the evening I didn’t feel like sewing. Then yesterday, all of a sudden, it finally hit me again and I spent the entire evening happily sewing. Now I’m eager to finish my work-in-progress-since-june Victoria blazer (see above) before I get started on my Cambie dress.

A few other things that have been happening recently:


Outfit-Along 2015

My OAL knitting project is almost done. The only thing to finish is the upper back. But there are a lot of train and subway rides between now and the end of the month, so I’m certain I’ll finish it in time.
The dress fabric is still untouched but I’m planning to start cutting and sewing within the next days.


Sewing projects

There’s a finished Ying Yang bag and a Françoise dress in the waiting line, both of which I will show you guys soon. Also, this illustrated list of summer sewing plans is currently hanging on a pinboard in my sewing room. I’m proud to report that I can already cross two things off.

Around the web

My latest podcast addiction led me to discover podcast! They’re currently on hiatus, but all the episodes in the archive are great, especially for a beginner like me. You learn so much about yarn and knitting techniques!

I haven’t done a lot of blog reading recently, but Lola’s beautiful Brume skirt, Anna’s Xerea Dress and Oonas amazing creations for her friend caught my eye.

The Colette Blog has a beautiful new design!

Also: Google Sheep View!

So that’s it for now. Summer has finally arrived in Germany and I’m hoping to go swimming this weekend. Hot Days are short-lived in this country so whenever temperatures hit the 30C, it’s good advice to drop everything and just savour the wonderful weather. Which for me means equal parts swimming and eating ice cream :)