1) striped cardigan, 2) red cowl neck tee, 3) at home in black Plantain tee and favourite store-bought pyjama bottoms :-D

Me Made May 2015:
The third week

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After initial difficulties in the first two weeks, last week came along much better Me-Made-May-wise.

Back at home, with my camera and tripod already set up in the morning, it was much easier to get back into the daily photo routine. Suddenly, choosing what to wear every day was a lot of fun, as was figuring out how to incorporate some older handmade pieces into my outfits.

Me Made May: Week 4 | naehzimmerblog.de
4) Pink sweater with colourful lined hood, 5) Polka dot Zinnia skirt, 6) Lace Taffy blouse and hand knit cowl

By the end of the week I was surprised to see that – despite my everlasting belief – full skirts don’t look that bad on me, even if worn with a shirt tucked in. The trick is to shorten them to a comfortable length, so that my tall figure doesn’t look completely off balance. That last outfit with the polka dot skirt might be my new all time favourite.