1) Striped cardigan, 2) Grey hoodie with quilted shoulders, 3) Gingham Dahlia dress

Me Made May 2015:
The first two weeks

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So, we’re halfway through Me-Made-May and I’ve already realized one important thing: 31 different outfit photos throughout May are not gonna happen around here. For one, I usually wear an outfit for 2 days in a row (unless my clothes get stained or sweaty). Then again, my wardrobe is rather small and there are several repeating outfits throughout a month as well.

I have to say, though, that I accomplished the first part of the challenge pretty well: I wore something me-made every day, even if it was just a knit hat or a simple t-shirt layered under a sweater for extra warmth.

While I didn’t wear a new outfit everyday, I still have some to show you. So, including the top photo, here’s what I wore during the first 17 days of Me Made May:

Me Made May Week 1 and 2 | naehzimmerblog.de
4) Mathilde Bird Blouse, 5) Upcycled Feathers Shirt, 6) Striped Plantain

The second week of May I travelled to Copenhagen. My suitcase was packed with handmade blouses and skirts and I already dreamt about outfit photos in front of beautiful buildings. However, the weather proved to be much colder than expected. We exploring the city by bike and after the first day I was pretty much chilled to the bone. So for the two following days, I wore my Copenhagen uniform: Bike-friendly skinny jeans, one of my knit hats, and my handmade hoodie layered over lots of tees.

Me Made May Week 1 and 2 | naehzimmerblog.de
7) My “Copenhagen uniform”: Grey hoodie, green knit hats

So far so good. I’m looking forward to the next two week. Hopefully, I’ll succeed in creating outfits with a few older handmade items. There are some I want to wear one last time before waving them goodbye forever (watch out for a pair of yellow corduroy pants …)

How is your Me-Made-May coming along?