Gingham Chataigne shorts

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Pattern: Chataigne Shorts by Deer and Doe
Fabric:red gingham, white polka dot cotton, both from my stash
Make Again?Yes! It’s a lovely pattern.

Sometimes when you’re planning a sewing project, it turns out exactly the way you want it to be. Take these shorts for example: I planned on making them in red and white gingham, with piping details and polka dot facings. They have the slight vintage vibe I was going for, all seams are neatly finished and the fit is spot on.

Yet sadly when I first put them on, I knew they just weren’t my style.
In my eyes, I looked like a four year old. As if the only thing missing in the picture was a lollipop or a teddy bear. I’m sure these would work well for other girls, but there’s just too much „cute“ for me to feel comfortable.

Gingham Deer&Doe Chataigne Shorts: Front |


Gingham Deer&Doe Chataigne Shorts: Welt Pockets |

The pattern is the Deer and Doe Chataigne which I managed to squeeze onto a teeny tiny piece of gingham fabric from the remnant bin. The facings are made from scraps of white and red polka dot fabric.

These shorts are one of two projects I started last summer and never finished. I’m trying to tackle all my UFOs as part of the Destashing Year.

Gingham Deer&Doe Chataigne Shorts |

I love how these shorts turned out: They look very neat inside-out and only have a few minor flaws (one or two seams didn’t turn out 100% straight. The thought of letting them be a wardrobe orphan in my closet, makes me sad. I thought about selling them, but I’m very insecure about the price. Have you ever sold a handmade item? Any tipps or suggestions on pricing?
Gingham Deer&Doe Chataigne Shorts: Pocket Detail |

Gingham Deer&Doe Chataigne Shorts: Details |