Quick Tip: A useful tool for your iron

I want to share a little tip with you today about a small tool that comes in handy every time I’m ironing.
You know how we constantly switch between our sewing machine and our iron? And how every time we do that we have the choice of either unplugging the iron or leaving it plugged in?

The former will waste energy and keep you at risk of forgetting about your plugged-in iron and burning down the house while the latter is just downright annoying. Especially if you live in one of those European countries where all power sockets have a circular recess that makes it extremely hard to pull out the plug of your iron.

It was in one of my first sewing classes that I discovered these switchable adapters. It’s just a small tool, but it’s inexpensive, very convenient to use and will help you keep your power costs low and the plug of your iron intact. These adapters also come in handy at sewing schools, where one iron is constantly used by all the students, but the time spans in between use can vary.

switchable adapter for your iron | naehzimmerblog.de

You can buy these things at shops that sell electronics (mine is from Conrad) and maybe even hardware stores.
I am quite happy with mine and use it all the time.