A handmade cowl
and more thoughts on knitting

While making this cowl, I thought a lot about the difference between sewing and knitting.

Knitting takes time. And comparing the size of a garment to the time you need for making it, it’s not at all comparable to sewing (where you can just whip up a t-shirt in a few hours). For that, knitting – even more than sewing – requires me to really think about what I want to make. Last week, I started to knit a hat from some old leftover yarn, when after a few rows I realized that I didn’t love the project. I just started it to use up the yarn. I stopped right away. If you spent so much time making it, you should at least love it.

I also thought about the mistakes I made as a beginner sewer. First of all: Buying too much stuff. I want to avoid making the same mistakes with knitting. So no extensive yarn shop hauls or book buying sprees. I want to approach this new craft in a very simple way: Starting one project at a time and buying material for this project only.


But on to the cowl now: This was actually made from leftover yarn that I liked. Years ago, I bought the material to knit myself a striped scarf. It took forever to learn it and the thing looked terrible. Plus, once I was halfway through the project, the weather finally got warmer and suddenly it was all ice cream and sun dresses and no scarves or knitting anymore.


A few weeks ago, I unraveled the entire thing and started again. This time with a cowl, ’cause scarves are sooooo 2010 now, ha! I followed Elise’s Video Tutorial (see it here: Striped Knit Cowl Tutorial) but added a border in seed stitch to prevent the scarf from rolling.

Ahem … it rolled anyway, but I like it, so we’re just going to pretend that this was a totally intentional and well thought-out design decision.

P.S.: I really loved this post on finding the time to knit.