Currently …

Life is pretty quiet lately and it feels so good. April will be filled with work and new experiences, so I’m enjoying the downtime. I even signed up for a small sewing class, starting next week. I’m looking forward to learn new things and probably meet some local sewers.

Some other stuff that has been going on lately:


Tackling unfinished projects: I used to always have a lot of these and it took me a long time to realize how stressful that it. Working on one project that you’re really into is so much better than having six or seven, all started half-heartedly out of idea-overflow. So now I’m reviewing every “UFO” to either finish it or let it go.

Cleaning out my closet: It was part of the Wardrobe Architect Challenge and a long overdue item on my to-do-list. A lot of my clothes were ill-fitting or just worn out, so I took no mercy and sorted out radically. This left me with less than 50 garments – most of them plain basics in solid colours. It feels both liberating and super boring – all cake and no icing. Some (mindful) shopping might be required to add some icing back in.


Decorating the sewing room: Another long overdue task. It will still take some time but is slowly progressing. Last week, I made these colourful curtains.

Knitting another hat: My inner mad hatter strikes again! He just learned how to make Fair Isle Knits that looks all complicated and “pro” but are actually easy as pie. I can’t wait to show you the result.


Sewing through my stash: Right now, there’s a burgundy Beignet skirt about to be finished and a Cambie dress in the waiting line. I’m also making plans for my future destashing and Wardrobe Architect sewing.