Week of Tees: Classic Baseball Shirt

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It’s day five of my Week of Tees which makes me a little proud.

I started this mini-series as a small challenge for myself. Sewing up five shirts wasn’t hard, but setting a schedule, photographing and then writing about them five days in a row, kind of was.

Why is it so hard to take good photos of oneself? Let alone photos of oneself in the middle of winter inside a not exactly light-flooded home. Once you’ve figured out the camera settings that make your pics not look like they were taken inside a cave, you have to deal with the next problem: Weird facial expressions, strange poses and the always recurring question of what to do with your hands.

But I’m not going to be too hard on myself. After all, I’m still a beginner in the field of blogging and “apparel photography” and I’m optimistic that my photos will look better with every day.

So, on to the fifth and final shirt of my Week of Tees: A classic black and white baseball tee.


Pattern: Raglan Shirt from the book “Sew U Home Stretch” by Wendy Mullins
Size:4, but took in the sides
Fabric:black and white cotton jersey from my stash
Alterations:– took in the side seams for a more fitted look
– added a few centimeters to the length
– made the neck 1 cm wider all around for a more comfortable fit

The last time these were “on trend”, I was a teen and actually cared about fashion trends just as much as I do now: Not at all. But for some reason baseball tees were popping up everywhere back then and I really loved them. I had almost forgotten about them when they came back

This is the third time I sewed this Built by Wendy pattern and I am really starting to like it (guess that happens when you make something over and over again …). I expected to hate the 1/4 inch seam allowance but it was super convenient: No cutting away excess fabric? Win!

I loved sewing all these shirts and blogging about them this week. Projects made from knits are always so nice when you’re in a sewing slump. But after five of these, I feel ready for something more challenging. So my next project will probably be a dress.