2014 roundup

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They say life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And boy, did life happen last year!
2014 was exciting, but not always in a good way. Life happened quite a lot, resulting in one of the hardest (yet probably best) decisions of my life so far. So here I am now, in 2015, living in a different place in a different city with a different job, none of which I had foreseen 365 days ago. All in all, 2014 felt like a tornado and an earthquake joining forces and I am actually glad to see the back of it.

But enough with the talking. Let’s see what happened in 2014, sewing-wise:

garments I made in 2014 | naehzimmerblog.de

top to bottom, left to right:  1) Simple black Plantain shirt, 2) Gingham Men’s shirt, 3) Mathilde Bird Blouse, 4) Cowl Neck Summer Top (second version after the first one – pictured here – had been destroyed by the laundry dryer, 5) self-drafted hoodie, 6) Gingham Mathilde Blouse, 7) self-drafted skirt

I made … errr … seven garments total. Booooo! Yet pretty awesome considering the tornado-earthquake thing and the fact that after the big move, I had to substitute a lot of garment sewing for home decor sewing (you know, whenever “buy something ugly” and “make something pretty” were the only options …)

Best Make: I am insanely proud of my hoodie with quilted shoulders. It turned out great and is just so comfy.
Most Worn: The hoodie, the black Plantain and the pretty bird blouse.
Least Worn: That red cowl neck top is really pretty but I didn’t have a lot of ideas on what to wear it with. Also: That skirt, because it was a rather “quick and dirty” make and therefore turned out a bit too big.
Unfinished: I started a pair of red Gingham shorts and an upcycling dress project, both of which I plan to finish until summer.

what else happened in 2014 | naehzimmerblog.de

What else? 2014 was the year, I rediscovered drawing and sketching, and simultaneously lost my fear of it. It was the year I cut my hair short (second best decision ever), unleashed my inner interior designer and made it a priority to meet up with dear family members and old friends more often.

I am really looking forward to the year that lies ahead of me. Some first projects are already in the making.