Sewing Room Planning, Part 2: Colour and Mood

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sewing room planning: the colour palette

Last week, I wrote about my new sewing room. Today I want to share some more details about my plans for the room. Whenever I have to decorate a room, I think about mood and colour first.

The Mood

I want the room to feel cozy, inviting and inspiring, yet not too cluttered or crazy as it is pretty small and I like a certain calmness in a room when I’m working.

The walls are already painted a warm light grey. Painting them a neutral colour, was kinda hard for me, but now I really love it. It sets a warm and inviting mood and suits the small room size quite well. It also gives me more flexibility to go all colour-crazy on furniture and accessories; both of which can be switched up more easily should I grow tired of them.


I am neither a fan of kindergarten-like colour explosions nor crazy about all minimalist black-and-white designer homes. So when it comes to colour, I want something bright but nothing too distracting.

Taking Emily Henderson’s advice, I chose my all time favourite colour as a base: green. It just such a wonderful, calming colour. The room already has a lot of natural wood tones which I love: Light spruce wood on my desk and shelves, a medium tone on the floor and a darker hue on my sewing machine table. As accent colours, I added pops of orange, yellow, pink and purple that will be used sparingly.

I am already super excited to finish my sewing room. It is so nice when you have the opportunity to decorate a room just like you want.