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Let’s be honest: Autumn is not my favourite season. I’ll take sunshine, ice cream and trips to the beach over pumpkin soup and knit hats anytime. But when you live in a country of short and chilly summers, you better make friends with autumn.

So although I’ll miss the sun, the swimming and the ice cream, autumn is my favourite season style-wise: You can wear lots of layers (impossible in summer) without having to feel like a marshmallow yet (impossible in winter).

Autumn is when I re-discover all the options in my closet. And every year I discover a new favourite outfit. These are a few of my favourite fall outfits from the past:

2008 – Red and brown

The year I discovered wardrobe remix, my love for dressing up and the whole girls-posting-outfits-on-the-internet-thing. Little by little, I started experimenting, mixing my existing wardrobe (hoodies and jeans) with new stuff. Skirts and colourful tights were a big step for me. And SO FUN.

2011 – Light Pink, Purple and Forest Green

This year was awesome. My apprenticeship had ended in january, I got my first job as a web designer and spent a wonderful late summer week in Paris. Style-wise I was slowly become more confident about what suit me and what didn’t. That fluffy pink skirt is still in my closet.

2013 – Mixing patterns

This was the year the idea for Nähzimmerblog started growing. Inspired by Elizabeth‘s style, I had fun mixing patterns and textures.

favourit outfit for fall 2012

2014 – ?

I’m excited to experiment some more (and also take some photos of it) this autumn.
What’s your favourite outfit for fall?