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Sewing Room Tour |

Room Tour:
My Old Sewing Room

Back when I started this blog (which feels like forever ago), I started a rather half-assed series on sewing room planning that I never gave any updates to. There’s a variety of reasons for that (the room was super small, the lighting wasn’t ideal for photos, I just forgot), but the main reason is that my sewing room was a constant work in progress. It didn’t feel complete until a […]

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sewing room planning: the colour palette

Sewing Room Planning, Part 2: Colour and Mood

Last week, I wrote about my new sewing room. Today I want to share some more details about my plans for the room. Whenever I have to decorate a room, I think about mood and colour first. The Mood I want the room to feel cozy, inviting and inspiring, yet not too cluttered or crazy as it is pretty small and I like a certain calmness in a room when […]

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Sewing Room Planning, Part 1: Before

A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment. After lots of small studios and shared flats, the new place feels like a giant palace. I mean: There’s a separate bedroom. An entire room just for sleeping and getting dressed. It’s crazy … But it’s getting even more luxurious: The very best part about this new home is by far the sewing room (I actually call it sewing room, […]